Your flesh often compensates for what your heart truly desires

Your flesh often compensates for what your heart truly desires

There were 2 people who wanted a BMW.

The first person wanted this car since they were a child. They have been studying BMW. They’ve been looking in magazines, they’ve been reading websites, and they could rattle off specs better than mechanics. They’ve been praying for one, but they don’t yet have the money or the credit buy one. Ever so often this person will stop past the BMW dealer to walk the lot, look at the new inventory on the showroom floor, sit in the car to get a feel, and sometimes even go for a test drive!

This person truly desires this vehicle.

The second person also wants a BMW. But their reasoning is completely different. See, this person has seen celebrities in this vehicle. They have also come to understand that to get the respect of their seniors at work, they have to portray a particular image. They want a status symbol and a representation of their personality.

Now, for their faithfulness to him God blesses BOTH people with the desires of their hearts.

For the first person, God blesses them with the BMW that they always wanted. He didn’t just bless them with the BMW, but he got them the job that they needed so that they could pay off bills and clear their credit. Then he was able to bless them with the vehicle that they desired.

For the second person, God saw that their heart did not truly desire a BMW. The depth of what made their FLESH want a BMW was a void that was looking for the love and acceptance that they had been empty of since they were a child. They had come to live their lives in such a place whereas they had taught themselves to deal with empty places by filling them with fleshly and shallow things. The Lord didn’t give them the BMW they wanted. However, God blessed them by giving them by filling their void with His spirit and healing their broken places.

‭‭Psalms‬ ‭37:4‬ ‭- Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart. -

Sometimes we don’t really desire what we want or ask for. God already knows and He fulfills the desires of our hearts, not the wants of our flesh.

Do you truly want the house, or are you really looking for the status? Do you really want marriage, or do you simply want not to be lonely?

Do you really want a business, or do you just want to feel successful?

Are your desires just a fleshly way of covering up the brokenness in your heart?

Seek the Lord, let Him heal your broken places so that He can give you the true desires of your heart.

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