Yes, This is Really America.

This is America. Land of the “free”.

However, black Americans have been living in tyranny for generations. On every level imaginable.

When other cultures burn down cities for freedom from oppression, we cheer. When blacks do it, we call them “thugs”. We ignore the fact that they’re even oppressed at all. We act like the black American struggle doesn’t even exist.

But the truth is, no white American wants to walk in the shoes of a black American. Because they know that weight is heavy.

32 years ago in 1988, the rap group NWA wrote a song called “F*** Da Police” and everyone went into a panic about how “inappropriate” the song was. 32 years after the release of that song, do you understand why they wrote it? It wasn’t to be mean spirited to police, it was because they were being brutalized on a regular basis by police that had normalized this as acceptable policy. Years and years before cell phones and social media, blacks around the country were living in absolute tyranny. In a country that sang “for the land of the free” as if this didn’t happen.

No one should have to beg for the right to be human. Especially not in the United States of America.

#Selah #BlackLivesMatter

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