Why Blacks Vote Democrat

Let me help you out...

So many people are criticizing Black Americans for supporting democrats over the years. Everyone wants to know why we support them when their policies haven't seemed to work.

So I wanted to share both the Democrat plan for Black America and the Republican plan for Black America so that we could be clear on our options.

I searched both presidential candidates websites and found this:

Joe Biden's plan for Black Americans is detailed, well thought out, and possible. Look at it here: https://joebiden.com/blackamerica/

Donald Trumps plan for Black America doesn't seem to be created. It's not on his website anywhere. He has no plan out there whatsoever for Black Americans.

If you think about it, the only thing republicans have offered us is the explanation that what we're concerned about doesn't really exist. Systemic racism, racial bias, racial inequality, and the entire black experience is all just a figment of your liberal imagination.

In psychology, pretending that a person's experiences don't exist, or are invalid, is called gaslighting. Republicans have been gaslighting the black community for years.

The reason why Black Americans always vote for democrats is because Republicans don't offer anything to us. No direct solutions whatsoever to the problems that we face.

What is the republican plan on police brutality?

What is the republican plan on the prison system?

What is the republican plan on economic inequality?

What is the republican plan on health inequality?

What is the republican plan on strengthening black businesses?

What is the republican plan on the black education system?

What is the republican plan for eradicating systemic racism?

What is the republican plan for making our inner cities safer?

Dear Republicans, If you want to know why we always vote Democrat in elections, it's because you fight tooth and nail over border security and illegal immigration, but don't have a plan for the black citizens who are here.

In November, these are the ONLY issues I am voting on. So either you have a plan for me, or you don't deserve my vote.

#Selah 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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