Walking in fullness is submission to the laws of God, the will of God AND the voice of God

There are many people who love the Lord with all of their hearts, yet walk without truth and in extreme error in their decisions and their character.

So how is this even possible??? Well... Let me explain.

When I was in my fathers house, I was subject to the rules and regulations of being in his house. When I left my fathers house, I made up my own rules to live by, as I was no longer subject to follow the rules he set if I didn’t choose to.

Living outside of my fathers house never changed how much I loved my father. I still called my father, I still communicated with my father and I still had a heathy relationship with my father. Sometimes I even stopped in to visit!

HOWEVER, outside of my father’s house, I no longer have my father’s covering, I no longer have my father’s protection, and I no longer have to adhere to my fathers voice as I am no longer in my father’s care.

But, my father STILL loves me! So even when I made crazy decisions that got me in hella trouble, my father still hopped in his car, rushed to my rescue and bailed me out!

BUT THE TRUTH IS, if I would have stayed in his house, under his covering, abiding by his rules and sticking to the plan he set out, I would have never got into the mess to be bailed out from!

Here’s the punchline (hope y’all ready)...

Sooooo many Christians live outside of the laws of God, the principles of God, word of God and the will of God. Therefore they don’t display the heart of God, nor do they have full access to the benefits of God.

MOST Christians live the way that they choose. They live out of their own wisdom, out of their own feelings, and sometimes out of the poor teachings of others. Therefore there is a great percentage of people who live overwhelmingly outside of the covering of God.

Walking in fullness is submission to the laws of God, the will of God AND the voice of God. If you are simply hung on your “relationship” with God, it’s very likely you’ll walk in a world of error in character and mistakes in actions...

#Selah 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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