The Slave Master Mentality

Amy Cooper KNEW the advantage she had over a black man. She FULLY understood the charged nature of the relationship between black men and police.

And knowing full well what could have happened, she purposely used her color to her advantage and his color to his disadvantage. She attempted to weaponize the police using the lies she concocted.

If this were a different area, this could have ended in a completely different way. It could have ended like it did for #GeorgeFloyd and that’s what she was banking on.

We can, of course, accept her apology for her behavior in that moment. You naughty, bad little monster! We can slap her hand for the moment by making her find a new cushy job, prove herself worthy of pet adoption again, and deal with the public humiliation of her behavior.

But REAL problem is her behavior wasn’t isolated. We often talk about the “slave mentality” of blacks, but we fail to mention “slave master mentality” of certain whites.

Amy knew what she could do when she woke up that morning, she knew when she left the house. As a matter of fact, with every interaction she’s ever had with African American men, she knew what to do if they “step out of line.” She was armed, loaded, and ready to fire.

Luckily, her weapon backfired. But make no mistake, that was pure luck.

Amy is not alone in her thinking. Amy isn’t even in the minority. At any given moment there is a red laser dot on the the chest African American men and a trigger happy person ready to pull it at any moment. They’re just waiting for a reason...



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