Sometimes God puts us in situations that force us to completely rely on him.

Sometimes God puts us in situations that force us to completely rely on him.

Everyone likes having options. Red pill or blue pill???

Everyone likes to make decisions that often make us feel like we’re in control of our own life and destiny. It’s always great when we have multiple job offers, it’s great when our credit is good, and we have multiple cars in the garage. Oh how great it is to have a couple of paychecks saved in the bank!

Sometimes our options are so great that they create a crutch for our spiritual walk. We become so comfortable with what we have that we forget it was God who was our source from the beginning.

Sometimes God puts us in a place where we have no options but to trust him to show up in our situation.

Everything was great with the job, but out of nowhere you get laid off.

Got blessed with a new car just last year, then this year you get hit by a tractor trailer and it’s totaled.

Just when you thought you had some good $$ in savings you get hit with a bank garnishment from 9 years ago.

Sometimes God has to put you in situations that takes your mind back to trusting that He is your source.

God wanted to show up and do something big in your life, but you started relying on yourself too much.

In Exodus 14 Pharaoh set the Israelites free from their slavery to them. But once the Israelites left, the Bible says that GOD hardened Pharaoh’s heart, then Pharaoh and his armies began to chase down the Israelites again.

That’s right, God hardened the Pharaoh’s heart. Not the devil, Pharaoh didn’t just change his mind and no one talked him into it. God hardened his heart.

The Israelites were up against the Red Sea. They could either trust God or die. They had NO options. They didn’t have time to build a bridge, they didn’t have time to make boats, and they didn’t have enough time to draw up another route to the promised land.

God had to move on their behalf.

In Exodus 14:13 “And Moses said unto the people, Fear ye not, stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which he will shew to you to day: for the Egyptians whom ye have seen to day, ye shall see them again no more for ever.”

Then after that, the Lord parted the Red Sea so that they could cross.

He forced their backs against the wall so that he could show him he is God and He still has it all in His hands.

In our lives we have to know that when our backs are against the wall, he is STILL God and and he is STILL in control!

Fired? He is STILL God.

Broke? He is STILL God.

House burned down? He is STILL God.

Got robbed? He is STILL God.

Short on the rent? He is STILL God.

Business struggling? He is STILL God.

Look at the Red Sea in front of you and know that he can do the impossible.

Why? Because He is STILL God.

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