In Business You Must Demand To Be Respected As A Leader And Valued As An Organization.

As I advised my sister on her business this morning, I had to teach her an incredibly important principle.

I told her to make an offer on a property that she was looking to lease. When she sent me the offer letter it was written very humble and meek as if the terms of her offer were but suggestions and she was simply just a nice person trying to get ahead.

I had to teach her the following truth, so I figured I’d also share it with you guys!


Approach every business meeting, every customer interaction, every partnership meeting, every investment pitch, every proposal, every email, EVERYTHING with a demand to be respected as a leader and valued as an organization. This is how contracts are won and business deals are done.

To be liked is simply icing on the cake. It's not important and certainly not a priority. People don't pay for what they like, they pay for what they value and they negotiate only with whom they respect.

If you are respected and valued, you win every time.


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