I stopped praying for a blessing and I started asking the Lord to show up!

My life changed when I stopped praying for a blessing and I started asking the Lord to show up!

It hit me today that Jesus could have healed Lazarus from a remote location, but he showed up.

The woman with the issue of blood could have stayed home and prayed real hard. But she pressed through sickness and crowds to the place where Jesus showed up to.

Simon Peter, the fisherman, could have just gotten frustrated and went home on this particular day because he couldn’t catch a fish to save his life. But Jesus showed up and his net was full.

The disciples could have drowned on a boat that was going down in a storm. But Jesus showed up to ride the boat with them that day and told the seas to rest.

In my prayer time today the Lord revealed to me that I don’t know what struggle, trial or storm may happen in the course of any given day. Sometimes I’m in a situation where I need a miracle that I didn’t anticipate needing. Sometimes I’m in situations that I didn’t even know I needed to pray for.

Then I got to a point where I just stopped praying for the next blessing. Only blessing I need from you is to bless me with your presence. Lord just SHOW UP!

Show up in my house. Because I need your presence there.

Show up in my car while I’m driving.

Show up on my job while I’m working.

Show up in my finances while I’m calculating.

Show up in the restaurant while I’m eating.

Show up in the gym while I’m working out.

Show up in the studio while I’m recording.

Show up on my set while I’m filming.

Lord I don’t just want a blessing. You are the blessing. I just want you to SHOW UP!

#Selah 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾


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