Give God your weakness and He'll give you strength

This new, “do whatever you feel” form of Christianity is super WEAK.

The Lord is the creator of the universe, the sun, the moon, the stars, down to every proton, molecule and atom that works in harmony to solidify the very existence of everything you know or could ever encounter. Therein He exists in a realm that is FAR above your feelings, and a level of consciousness that your humanity can not fathom.

He created the very feelings that you are using to justify your disobedience to his word. Not only did he create the feelings, he gave you power over the feelings that you are allowing to control you on a daily basis.

“Do whatever you feel” Christianity is WEAK and it doesn’t exercise the POWER that He gave you.

Lay your feelings at his feet. Your strength is in Him, not in them.

Let that sizzle in your spirit for a while... Then read it again.


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